This is how you can benefit from our expertise in Advanced Analytics

Data Science

Whether it be small, medium or enormous amounts of data—we aren’t satisfied until we’ve extracted every last iota of useful information with which to answer your question! To this end we deploy the usual repertoire of multivariate statistics enhanced with modern methods from the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence, along with advanced database concepts.

Data Strategy

During a comprehensive data workshop, we join you in sifting through all the relevant data sources already available at your company (e.g. market research data, sales figures, marketing data, CRM databases, etc.). Depending on the issue at hand, we augment this information with more data from suitable external data sources and work with you to develop your own highly individual data strategy.

Data-informed marketing

‘Data-driven’ belongs to the past! After all, data can do a lot, but not everything. And on no account should import business decisions be ‘driven’ by data and algorithms alone—at least that’s our credo. We see big data and machine learning as a mechanical preprocessor that can contribute to well-founded decisions. On the other hand, they can no more replace human intelligence that they can an awareness of the market and sector.

Award-winning analyses

During these times when big data start-ups are sprouting like mushrooms, and given the abundance of self-proclaimed digital experts, you need to think carefully about which ‘data partner’ to use. With the data science experts at GIM analytics, your data projects are literally in the ‘best possible’ hands: in 2018, our team came out on top at the BVM Data Science Cup!

This is how you can benefit from our expertise in Software Development

Software development: one-stop research, analysis and development

So you know exactly what your software needs and doesn’t need to do? You’re looking for a solution that’s tailored to you and your use case? You don’t need an unwieldy and expensive ‘one size fits all’ solution but a lean and intelligent online analysis tool?

Then we definitely need to talk! The highly qualified software team at GIM analytics looks forward to working with you to develop a solution designed specifically for your use case.

Our reporting and analysis have proved their worth for our clients after years of practical deployment. Clients benefit here in particular from the one-stop market research, analytical services and software development available from GIM. Far from being a programming potpourri by anonymous low-paid offshore service providers, our software is produced at our Berlin branch in the heart of the capital, using the very latest, state-of-the-art methods. 

Software consulting: it doesn’t always have to be self-made!

Not in every case does it make sense to develop software in house. There are several perfected solutions on the market that lend themselves to the fast, straightforward configuration of standard dashboards that can be filled with data.

Social Media Monitoring also features commercial tools that deliver interesting analyses and trending social media key words virtually at the touch of a button. 

GIM analytics will be happy to help you select suitable software tools from those available on the market and integrate them effectively into your system landscape. The fact is that not all providers deliver what they promise. Dashboard products in particular often present hidden follow-on costs for companies when it comes to integrating new data or adding new users and supplementing existing content.

This is how you can benefit from our expertise in Online Data Analytics 

Social Media Monitoring

Want to measure your performance in social media? We measure continuously on your behalf the relevance of brands, products and topics on all important platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We use professional monitoring software to collect international data in both the long and short term in all widely used languages.

Social Media Listening

Performance figures aren’t enough for you? Compared with social media monitoring, our listening approach focuses on a deeper understanding of data and content in social media.

Competitor Performance Monitoring

Interested in how the competition is positioned in the digital world? We measure the performance of your competitors in social media (e.g. growth rates, rates of interaction, relevant topics, and more). In addition, we evaluate feedback from different online platforms to reveal what consumers think of your competitors.

Integrated Online Data Monitoring

For complex questions we recommend our combined approach: Integrated Online Data Monitoring in which we combine—according to your needs—individual services such as Social Monitoring, Search Monitoring, Competitor Performance and Review Monitoring to obtain sound, multi-validated insights.

Search Monitoring

Want to identify search trends to optimise your online marketing? We analyse search volume and keyword search volume on leading platforms such as Google, Amazon and YouTube to measure consumer interest in topics, products and brands.

Review Monitoring

Consumer opinion on the internet is now influencing purchase decisions more than ever. Systematic evaluation is therefore crucial to the improvement of products and optimisation of customer satisfaction. We evaluate reviews on popular platforms such as Amazon, Facebook and Idealo.

Trend Monitoring

Trends today are moving faster than ever before. We pick up relevant trends in real time so that you can keep your finger on the pulse with your brand and in your category. We keep tabs on all the relevant channels, Amazon, Instagram, Facebook, Google and more, to identify and validates trends in good time.

Influencer Monitoring

Influencers are now an integral part of successful online marketing. They convey authenticity and consumer proximity and are in a position to co-create successful brand images. We scan YouTube and Instagram to identify for you all those category-relevant influencers with an organically evolved reach.

Video Listening

With Video Listening we go beyond performance measurement: we analyse video content on your behalf to gain deeper insights into issues and attitudes.

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